TFB 20 Cerberus Rigging Block


TFB 20 “Cerberus”

The TFB 20 “Cerberus” adds friction to the rigging system at the top of the tree. That added friction reduces the shock forces on the anchor point as well as reducing the strain on your ground crew. You can use the Cerberus in any situation where you would traditionally use a block or single ring but desire more control. Vary the amount of friction provided simply by running the rope through any variation of the 3 holes to adjust for the load. In addition, its 3 captive sling rigging points insure that it will always stay attached no matter the situation.

  • 110 kN MBS
  • Max sling line diameter 20mm
  • Max working line diameter 20mm
  • 3 captive sling rigging points
  • Maximum bend radius
  • 6061 aluminum
  • Excellent frictional heat dissipation
  • Type III mil-spec hard-coat anodized
  • Please contact our knowledgeable dealers for splicing or more information!
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