DTR20 Rigging Ring


DTR 20

The XTR20 has the same outer diameter as our TR28 tree rings, but has a smaller interior hole and increased overall width. This provides you with a massive bend radius for your working line which reduces friction and wear or your working line. This increases line life as well as providing smooth and consistent drops with even extremely large and heavy pieces. Unlike our XTR 20 the DTR 20 also has a double width outer groove which allows for sling attachment or detachment with a simple, self-tightening, cow hitch instead of a splice.

  • 206 kN MBS
  • Hole diameter: 28mm
  • Groove width: 44mm
  • Maximum bend radius
  • 6061 aluminum
  • Excellent frictional heat dissipation
  • Type III mil-spec hard-coat anodized
  • Max sling line diameter 20mm
  • Max working line diameter 20mm
  • Please contact our knowledgeable dealers for splicing or more information!

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