Tylaska’s Spool Shackle gives a new option to the basic knot. Unlike a knot however, spool shackles will not jam up and remain easy to fasten and unfasten even after loading up to the tensile strength of the line.

The S-Series Spool Shackle is machined from high-strength aluminum. The P4 version of the Spool Shackle is made of high-impact polycarbonate. The key to the spool shackles is that the line itself supplies the strength wile the shackle simply redirects the force.

Spool Shackles works well both with conventional and modern lines, all that is needed is a looped end. A retaining pin allows for the shackles be removed or transferred to other lines. An optional “O” ring slides over the line to provide a secondary “lock” against loosening during the most severe flogging situations.

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