This revolutionary new shackle from Tylaska replaces the age-old knot! Unlike a conventional knot, the Tylaska Spool Shackle™ will not jam up and remains easy to fasten and unfasten even after loading up to the tensile strength of the line.

  1. Begin with a loop tied or spliced 2. Push loop into slot in
Spool Shackle
3. Pull loop through Spool Shackle 4. (Optional) Insert keeper pin. This secures Spool Shackle to line
  5. Wrap loop against object 6. Pass Spool Shackle through the loop 7. Secure line behind ears od Spool Shackle & cinch tight against object 8. (Optional) Slide "O" ring against loop as a secondary "lock" in situations of severe flogging
  1. Slide "O" ring away from loop. BEend slack line backward around spool diameter 2. Roll loop back over slack line (Similar to "breaking the back" of a bowline knot) 3. Turn spool and pass back through loop. 4. Line is now free from objct.
  Every unit is pull tested and released under several different load conditions before shipping.  
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