Tylaska Spool Shackles

Spool Directions

This revolutionary new shackle from Tylaska replaces the age-old knot! Unlike a conventional knot, the Tylaska Spool Shackle™ will not jam up and remains easy to fasten and unfasten even after loading up to the tensile strength of the line.

  • Ideal for Halyards, Genoa Sheets, etc.
  • Tremendous Strength
  • Flog-Proof
  • Easy to Fasten and Unfasten
  • Will Not Jam Up



1. Begin with a loop tied or spliced

2. Push loop into slot in Spool Shackle

3. Pull loop through Spool Shackle

4. (Optional) Insert keeper pin. This secures Spool Shackle to line

Spool_attach1.gif spool_attach2.gif spool_attach3.gif spool_attach4.gif

5. Wrap loop against object

6. Pass Spool Shackle through the loop

7. Secure line behind ears od Spool Shackle & cinch tight against object

8. (Optional) Slide "O" ring against loop as a secondary "lock" in situations of severe flogging

spool_attach5.gif spool_attach6.gif spool_attach7.gif spool_attach8.gif



1. Slide "O" ring away from loop. Bend slack line backward around spool diameter

2. Roll loop back over slack line (Similar to "breaking the back" of a bowline knot)

3. Turn spool and pass back through loop.

4. Line is now free from objct.

spool_remove1.gif spool_remove2.gif spool_remove3.gif spool_remove4.gif

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